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We want to have fun drawing out new creative talent and introducing them to companies and agencies that are desperate for new talent.

If you have an idea for a competition or want to sponsor a competition with us… just get in touch.

How it works

Run a user-generated competition?

Entrants submit their original work (e.g. poem, joke, story, design, etc.) and either public voting, the company,
or a combination of both will determine the winner(s).

Why run a competition?

Competition's are a powerful way to:
• increase brand awareness
• build a sense of community around your brand
• gather customer stories and identify ardent fans
• increase your fan base on your company Facebook page
• drive traffic to your Facebook page or website

How do we get started

Step 1: We set up and design the competition application for you.
Step 2: We publish the competition in various social networks and/or on your company’s website
Step 3: Users can enter the competition during the time period specified by your company.
Step 4: Users’ submissions are either displayed immediately or are “quarantined” until you ok them.
Step 5: The public can vote during the time period specified by you and using the voting method you choose.
Step 6: Your company reviews the entries and the votes and determines the winners.
Step 7: The winning entries are displayed until the end date chosen by you.

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